“That Doesn’t Look Like much Fun”.

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I stretch — that’s pretty much it.

When I do it in public or occasionally more unorthodox spaces, I sometimes get asked about it.

“Do you think it does anything?” (I do), “Do you do martial Arts?” (I don’t) “Can you do the splits?” (I can’t).

Essentially, I see stretching as the trade-off for occupying and utilising a body.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you spend long enough contracting or compressing something, it’s probably reasonable to spend a little time stretching it back out and allowing it to decompress.

Do I enjoy it? Maybe. Certainly not always at the time (especially if I’m talking to my hamstrings) but there is a benefit afterward that’s always enjoyable.

A little like a chef using a well sharpened knife, there is a satisfaction that comes with being able to perform an action smoothly.

Ask any chef if they enjoy sharpening their knives, I suspect some might find it kind of meditative when they have the time and opportunity. I expect a larger proportion probably opt to outsource the duty where possible, but all of them will tell you there’s nothing worse than trying to work with a dull blade.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your body it’s a lot harder to outsource. A good massage can provide some relief after a rough week. A physical therapist or a really great osteopath can provide some guidance, and help assist things running smoothly, but ultimately the responsibility to help ‘keep your tools sharp’ is going to fall back on you. The good news is there are lots of ways to get creative about it.

So, you might as well learn to enjoy the process a little right?

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Trainee Resurrectionist-Man, bit time writer, teller of tall tales.

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