Food for thought in a New World. (Happy 2019)

Below are some of the articles which helped me change my mind a little over the course of the last year or so. Articles which either helped me at least feel better informed, or gently nudged me toward thinking about things a little differently. I’m not saying everything in them is right, that their authors or I, have all (or any) of the answers.

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I simply wanted to leave a little reading somewhere for those who might be taking this change of the calendar page as an opportunity for greater resolve. For considering themselves, others and the world around them a little differently.

They are not intended to appear pious, or hinder anyones thinking. Quite the opposite. If you have pieces or writing, you feel similarly about, I (and hopefully others) would be very happy to see them in the comments below.

My favourite, and perhaps the most important is this article from The Oatmeal on the science of how we actual form beliefs, and how that makes us feel.

If you do me one favour this year, make one resolution: read this.

Then, if you like it, pass it along.

Sharing it with a best mate or partner is terrific, but ideally share it with somebody you really think may not be likely to read it otherwise.

In a meta manoeuvre deciding who you think is likely to read it will of course be informed by your own bias and thinking, but let’s just call that part of the exercise, a reminder that we can all do with a little extra nudge to stop. To calmly take a moment and reconsider some things.

“The disappointing truth is I don’t have much advice for you…

I don’t have a way to change the behaviour of seven-point-five billion people carrying their beliefs around like precious gems wrapped in hand grenades…. the best I can do is make you aware of it”

Or as our old pal Tolstoy put it

“Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change the toilet roll”

…or something like that.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Happy 2019.


“It’s pretty terrifying to realise that we are “the first generation that knows we are destroying the world, and could be the last that can do anything about it,” as the WWF puts it.”

Is Plastic the new fur?

“No one is saying you can’t ever eat a steak with your mates. But seeing as we’re at the point where the demand for meat far outweighs what we can produce without literally wiping ourselves out, reducing meat intake is key.“

Finally for anyone looking for a new read, for the new year. I’d recommend the below, an encouraging, considered and compassionate look at how we can better consider the concept of how to be happy for ourselves, and others around us.

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