Problematique Aesthetic

“I’ve got a perfect body, but sometimes I forget, I’ve got a perfect body ‘cus my eye lashes catch my sweat.” - Regina Spektor. Folding Chair, Far (2009)

Body image is complicated. Socially speaking it’s tied up in so much stigma, subterfuge, and social expectation that these days…

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Superstition is a strange beast. As recently as this year with the events of Covid-19 we continue to see its effects for good and ill across a full spectral spectrum of society.

Training to work as a physical therapist, you hear a mixed…

“That Doesn’t Look Like much Fun”.

I stretch — that’s pretty much it.

When I do it in public or occasionally more unorthodox spaces, I sometimes get asked about it.

“Do you think it does anything?” (I do), “Do you do martial Arts?” (I don’t) “Can you do the splits?”

Lockdown has been a weird time for everyone. Not least for those who are used to the outdoors or a regular form of exercise being a big part of their routine.

For the duration, I’m fortunate to say I’ve managed to maintain my training at a [fairly] even pace throughout…


Movement enthusiast & bit time writer. iTEC Qualified Sports Massage. | He/him #LGBTQ+

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